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Spring Lifestyle Family Session {Family Photography | McKinney, TX}

This spring Lifestyle Family session couldn’t have been more perfect! I ran a contest for a free session back in January, and this sweet family won.  We decided to wait until spring to take the photos, and I’m so glad we did!  The day was full of belly laughs, dinosaurs, piggy back rides, and kisses for mommy!

The contest was originally meant for couples, but this beautiful couple wouldn’t be who they are without their little man.  The bond they have is incredible!  As a mama myself, I know how quickly they grow up and how important it is to capture them when they are still little.  So of course when mama told me that they hadn’t had a family photo since he was a baby, I couldn’t help but put him in front of the camera too! Isn’t he adorable?!  They had no problem warming up and just being themselves so I could capture the true essence of their family.  It turned out more perfect than I ever could have imagined!

I truly enjoyed my day with this wonderful family.  We walked, talked, played, laughed, made silly faces, and of course there was a tickle fight!  Thank you, Herod family, for letting me capture these special memories for your family.

Spring Lifestyle Family Session

Family Photos McKinney TX

If you are looking to get Family Photos done in the McKinney or Frisco area, be sure to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!!

McKinney Family Photographer | Luke Cake Smash

The longer that I am a McKinney Family Photographer the more clients I see coming back as they get older. It’s my absolute favorite when I photograph a newborn then get to capture them as they grow up!

Luke is one of my little newbies that I’m just loving photographing over and over again! I LOVED hanging out at Erwin Park in McKinney for his one year cake smash session! Those of use that are native Texans don’t particularly enjoy chilly weather.  So when I woke up to brisk temperatures and a cool, spring breeze I wasn’t sure I was going to get to hang out with Luke that morning.

For any other client this session would’ve likely been canceled BUT I know Krystle and when she has something planned she’s going to make it happen and there’s not a whole lot that will stop her!
When I checked in with her that morning, she confirmed what I thought she would, the session is on! From the moment we got there, Luke was all smiles (even without a shirt on!).  He’s such a ham! Of course the delicious cake didn’t hurt. 🙂

Erwin Park McKinney

Isn’t he just the cutest little man!? I can’t get over how much he’s grown in the last year. I can’t wait to continue to watch him grow!

If you’re looking for a McKinney Family Photographer be sure to hit that contact button in the menu! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Since this is the day of love I wanted to share with you these little loves! We spent the day at a beautiful park in McKinney with wonderful kiddos that had fun playing in the leaves and dirt. Themed sessions are seriously one of my favorite photo sessions to do! Setting up a themed session is so much fun and I get to play around with amazing props that I don’t normally get to play with. Plus I get to hang out with a bunch of families all in one day – win win! I can’t wait for the next one! I’m already thinking of ideas for the next theme. Maybe we’ll do something in early summer, perhaps watermelon? Or popsicles? I’ll post a vote in my VIP group on Facebook called PLP Insider Access, if you’re not in make sure you join me so you can cast your vote!

I hope everybody has a Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Frisco Family Photographer

There’s something about prints

One of the most fun parts of being a photographer is seeing my work in print. It is awesome to see my images on a computer screen, but seeing and holding them printed is such a classic and beautiful way to view them. Seeing a photo of your family in print rather than on a screen is so much more than just a photo, it’s preserving a moment in time and displaying it for all of your friends and family to see every time they walk in your home.

I recently ordered this metal print as a sample for clients to see when they are ordering prints for their own collection. As soon as I got it, I fell in love! The bold, vivid colors are very striking against the metal background. I love being able to show off beautiful images in various ways, but this one is quickly becoming one of my favorites!


One of the most exciting things as a parent is showing your child new things. Well today I finally got to show her SNOW!!! She stood at the window all day pointing outside saying “no!!” and giggling as it fell from the sky. My poor baby has that nasty virus going around so I didn’t want her to get out in it for very long, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let her play in the snow…and since this is Texas, there’s a good chance that today is the only snow day we’ll get until next year! It was a magical day and I was so happy that she felt “better” enough to enjoy her first snow day.

Holiday Family Session

I love jewel tones in photos! So when this amazing family showed up in all these amazing jewel tones, I knew this session was going to be amazing! This family took time out of their limited time home for the holidays to hang with me for the afternoon and I couldn’t be more grateful. We laughed, we joked, we talked about our families, how different things are living in Saudi Arabia vs. the US, and somewhere in all that fun and wonderful conversation we took photos – and they are perfect. It’s exactly what they were looking for and I’m ecstatic I was able to do that for them.

What to wear?

One of the most common questions I get is “What should we wear to our family session?” So I thought I would share a few tips for you guys!

1. The most important thing is to just be you. If you’re traditional, be traditional. If you’re funky, be funky. The goal is to capture who you are as individuals and as a family.
2. It’s best to choose a color palette and have everybody wear a color from that palette. You can do pastels, warm tones, jewel tones, etc. but make sure everybody coordinates. Then spice it up with different layers and textures. Add scarves, hats, or jewelry in similar colors and tones to add dimension.

A few things to avoid:

1. Stay away from all black or all white. It tends to flatten out the image and you want them to pop!!
2. Be carful using too many prints. I’m not saying everybody has to wear solid, but if everybody is wearing a different print the photo looks too busy and it can be distracting. The best way to incorporate prints is with an accessory such as a scarf.
3. Most importantly, don’t wear matching prints!! We left that trend in the 90’s and I’d like to keep it there! 🙂

I know it can be hard to coordinate outfits for an entire family, but I’m here to help! I love helping clients decide what to wear and putting together looks that will make the photo really stand out. No matter what, when in doubt – ask me!

My why

Everybody has a “why” for doing what they do. Is it because you’ve always wanted to be a teacher? Is it because you took an accounting class in college and suddenly realized that was the career for you? Or is it life circumstances that opened a door and led you to your calling?

Me – I always loved taking photos. Even in high school I remember loving taking “pretty pictures”. But I never thought much of doing it for a living. I worked in Corporate America and was happy doing so. That is until my husband and I decided that I should stay home with our daughter and take care of her. Don’t get me wrong – I’m COMPLETELY blessed to have the ability to stay home with her every single day. I love doing it and I can’t imagine my life any other way. It’s by far the hardest, most rewarding job I’ve ever had! That being said, I had a REALLY hard time not contributing to the household financials in the beginning. It kept eating at me. I knew that I was contributing to our family in a million other ways, but this one thing was something I couldn’t shake. Then one day it clicked – maybe I should finally give photography a shot?? I mean I love taking photos, I’m really good in Photoshop (thank you Corporate America!), so maybe I could try taking photos for other people and see how it goes? That was in the fall of 2014. Here we are two and a half years later and I am blessed beyond measure! I have the best job in the world (stay-at-home mommy) that allows me to have my own business and pursue my passion. But no matter how passionate I am, there is no way I could have gotten here without the strength and support of my husband, Shaun. He’s my rock. I can’t tell you how many conversations we’ve had bouncing ideas back and forth about the business, photos, marketing – he’s just as much invested in this as I am. And he’s kept my passion alive by lifting me up and making me believe I can really do this! So I do this for me, I do this for my family, I do this for my passion and love of photography…and as a bonus, I do this for all of the wonderful people I get to meet along the way!

Brrrrrrr!!!! It’s cold out there!

Since it’s CRAZY cold outside, I thought I would chat with you guys from the warm and cozy comfort of my house with my delicious hot coffee! I mean who wants to go outside in this?? We’re in Texas people – it’s not supposed to get this cold. Ever!!

This awesome family scheduled a session with me about a month ago. And who knew the weather would get this crazy?!?! So we are watching the weather and the clock trying to decide if we should go for it or reschedule because of how cold it is. We made the call about an hour before the session started that we were just going for it! Now granted it was about 72 degrees at the time. It can’t POSSIBLY get that cold, that fast…right?? Wrong. By the time we started, the arctic blast had reared it’s ugly head! It was FREEZING! And these guys were total champs about it too!! So I thought it was perfect to create a winter wonderland out of one of their photos! This isn’t my normal – I stepped completely out of my comfort zone for this one, but isn’t it great when we do that and beautiful things happen?? I had so much fun working on this that I just had to share with you guys! Enjoy!

Family time

As a photographer, it’s hard to find time to take our own family photos. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking “why is that?? You’re a PHOTOGRAPHER!!!” And you’re right – but I spend my time focusing on taking your family photos (which I LOVE doing!) and it’s easy to forget to put my own family in front of the camera!! But, I make sure I do it a few times a year at a minimum. My husband and I are very different than we were when we met. We’re older (ugh!), our careers are different, and our lives are drastically different now that we have our little girl. I want to remember who we are right now, just as much as I want to remember who we were back then. We are changing and growing together! On top of that, my daughter is growing up so quickly and I want to cherish these days. She’s always full of energy and running all over the place! (those of you with kids know what I mean about this age) She has a very definite opinion about what she wants and when she wants it – and the way she mispronounces all of her words just makes my heart smile! This is the kind of thing I don’t want to forget and having family photos will help remember this time and this place. It’s completely irreplaceable…